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Member Spotlight

David Simonson

Realtor – Simonson Team REMAX Professionals

Director and Treasurer– Highlands Ranch Metro District

South Denver Food and South Denver Strong Cofounder

Meet – Dave!

What is your current occupation? I’m in the business of helping people! From finding their dream home to helping our community stay strong and operating smoothly to supporting small businesses in and around our area!

What do you love most about all that you do?

When it comes to real estate, working hand in hand with my wife on helping people solve the real estate conundrum has always been very rewarding. Asking people a lot of questions to find out what their motivations, needs, et cetera are is a vital piece in creating the “Win-Win” situation. Serving on the board of directors for the Highlands Ranch Metro District has a whole different level of reward to it. When we had the tornado passed through in June, I was able to work hand in hand with our amazing staff as well as many community partners to reach out to our residents and create a system of communication to help people immediately and work on bringing our community back to the beauty that it is. They are still working on that but I have the utmost faith in our forestry service in handling all of the crises as they come up. When it comes to South Denver Food and South Denver Strong, my wife Krista is truly the driving force behind that. She has made an effort to help keep businesses going through the entire pandemic starting in 2020 and beyond. What started out as just about restaurants has moved into all phases of business. Not forget that some of the large businesses do employ a number of our residents! Krista has a grasp of community unlike anyone I’ve ever met and her goal is simply to serve for the greater good! Almost 20,000 followers locally!

How do you define success? 

You find success in the end product of anything that you do. It’s a matter of helping a young couple into their first home. It is in making community improvements to create an even better Highlands Ranch experience. Is helping small businesses thrive through all that they do and telling the story of who they are. Success does not have a single definition as much as a single outcome.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired every day by the people around me and my family. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the friends and connections I’ve made within the Chamber community weren’t inspirational because each person brings a different perspective. The smallest business just starting out has a hunger and desire, unlike businesses that have been around for awhile. The businesses that have been around for a while have the knowledge and the expertise and more times than not they are willing to share that base. My wife is a huge inspiration to me as is learning from both of my children.

If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose and why?

I feel that a mentor is someone who doesn’t just instruct you but demonstrates to you how to become a better version of yourself. The greatest mentor I have ever had is my mother and father, Stanley and Janet Myhre. Things don’t need to be difficult or convoluted to be successful and being a good person carries so much of that weight, integrity, and Fortitude all come into play in being the best possible leader you can to your children your employees your peers and even leading your leadership team.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter real estate?

It’s a long, hard road with many sacrifices, but in the end you get to make a difference in other people’s lives every day, and there is nothing more fulfilling than that.  Also, laugh. A lot.  It will help the hard days feel less hard.

What’s one thing — either industry-related or not — you learned in the last month?

Our neighbors and our business community immediately rally anytime there is a crisis. Knowing that you are people you can count on is an amazing feeling and takes a lot of pressure off of trying to do it yourself.

Now for the fun stuff

Going to concerts and meeting large personalities is always a fun time. You get to see so many people in an environment that they are completely comfortable with but so many people are not. Thousands of people are there to watch them perform and they are just the most down to Earth people you will ever meet! I also love attending tons of sporting events and am looking forward to an October trip to go see the Raiders play Green Bay in Las Vegas!

What is your favorite hobby?

My hobbies have changed over the years but I do enjoy going to concerts, playing golf, shooting sports, and visiting my adult children! Not much more you can ask for beyond that.

We have also for the past four years (and still going!) from the beginning of COVID been sponsoring a food truck in front of our home every Wednesday evening during the summer to help support small businesses and get neighbors together! What an incredible time to spend with everyone and meet new people!

Oh, and let’s not forget walking our two favorite puppy dogs! Charley and Clyde are as much part of the family as anyone else!