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Ambassador of the Month

Krista Simonson: Your REMAX® Professional and Guide to South Denver Living

South Denver is more than just a place to Krista Simonson; it's home. Raised there and having built a family there for over 20 years, Krista brings a deep understanding and appreciation for the vibrant community. This passion translates into her career as a realtor, where she helps others find their own piece of the South Denver dream.

What initially drew Krista to real estate was the desire to connect with people and foster a sense of community, something she missed during her previous corporate life that demanded constant travel. Now, she gets to leverage her local expertise to empower others, like the first-time homebuyer nurse she previously helped. Witnessing someone achieve homeownership and embark on their investment journey is what truly motivates Krista.

While her professional success is fulfilling, Krista's heart truly lies in spending quality time with her grown children. However, if she could have a leisure week anywhere in Colorado, some extra mountain time alongside her family would be the perfect combination.

Beyond Transactions: Building Connections

Krista's influence extends beyond real estate transactions. She's a Social Media Influencer, recognized for her thriving Facebook groups, South Denver Strong and South Denver Food. These platforms showcase her passion for connecting people and fostering a strong sense of community.

Connect with Krista:

Fun Fact: Not a day goes by that Krista doesn't get recognized for her social media influence and the incredible communities she's built!

Krista isn't just selling houses; she's helping people find their place in a community they'll love. Let her expertise and local knowledge guide you on your South Denver real estate journey.